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Help shape our Collective Future with a tax-deductible contribution to Explore Mars, Inc., and help us to make our goal of putting Humans on Mars by 2033 a reality

Explore Mars, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, brings aerospace business leaders together with government entities, mediating and facilitating the direct flow of information. We run the biggest conference in the world focused on sending humans to Mars; influence policymakers through our grassroots outreach efforts; and are extremely effective in promoting collaboration and partnerships throughout the space community. Our annual white paper on the state of Mars is the most direct, concise statement on where the world stands vis a vis Humans on Mars. We are a passionate group, working relentlessly, but we cannot do it alone- we need your support. Join us to enable humans to walk on the surface of Mars within the next two decades, and know that your donation will have an impact far beyond the monetary value of what you give. Humans thrive when they explore. Indeed, our greatest heroes are explorers. Out of exploration, many incredible discoveries have provided great benefits to our society improving life on Earth and making our lives richer. It is now almost 50 years after the first Moon landing, yet the Apollo space program continues to shape our world today. Similarly, humans on Mars will positively affect everyone on our planet in ways that we cannot possibly imagine. The Challenge: To keep NASA, industry and policymakers focused on the goal of landing of humans on the surface of Mars by 2033. Explore Mars has played a significant role in helping to shape the road to Mars. Over the next 16 years, our mission will be to ensure that our elected officials, NASA, industry, and our international partners remain firmly on this path. Your donation will help Explore Mars create impact in the following areas:

Programs and Outreach • Publications • Policy • Partnerships

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A Comprehensive look at the progress of technical, political, scientific, and public perception for Human exploration of Mars

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