The Humans to Mars Summit 2017 Once Again an Awesome Success!
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You Are Serious About Assuring that Humans Will Walk on Mars by 2033. There is No Better Way to Further That Goal Than to Support Explore Mars, Inc. We already have $10,000 in commitments for our mid-year drive, but in order to fund our many activities, we need to reach our goal of $50,000+. Your donation will have more impact with Explore Mars than with ANY other space advocacy group. The reasons can be summarized by the "5 Ps":
  1. Partnerships
  2. Programs and Outreach
  3. Publications
  4. Policy
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Our Philosophy is to create partnerships and synergies that will build REAL momentum toward achieving the goal of sending humans to Mars. The Challenge: There have been great strides in recent years toward building the necessary consensus, and Explore Mars has played a great role in those efforts, but significant challenges still remain.  In 2017 and beyond we plan to work even harder than ever before so that clear plans are developed that result in humans walking on the surface of Mars by 2033.   Want More Information on the "5 Ps?" Click Here.
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A Comprehensive look at the progress of technical, political, scientific, and public perception for Human exploration of Mars

The Humans to Mars Summit 2017, an Explore Mars Premier Event

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